Super Health and Wellness Workshops

Spring workshops focus on gut health (the key to many health and weight issues), nutrition-based hormone balancing (getting this right could change your life!), therapeutic benefits of intermittent fasting and activating cellular fat loss.

I also run a regular weight loss workshop specifically tackling stubborn issues such as ‘How to get rid of belly fat’, ‘Why has my weight loss slowed down?’, ‘Why have I gained weight again? Using effective and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes, we’ll get you back on your weight loss path!

I’m excited about the longevity workshop (coming soon) the latest scientific findings are giving us the tools to live younger, healthier, longer lives! In this workshop we will break down the data and look at the therapeutic benefits of various types of fasting, antioxidant intake and lifestyle changes, you can implement into your everyday life.

Many people follow on from a workshop with a seasonal rejuvenation retreat. The retreats cultivate a healing environment where we can put all the theory into practice, boost health, clean out old cells, rest the internal organs and take time to just be.

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Workshops are run over 3 to 4 hours, daytime, evenings & weekends for your convenience.

Ready to find out more?

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