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Seasonal Rejuvenation Retreats

Many people follow on from a workshop with a seasonal rejuvenation retreat or you may just want to jump right in now. The retreats cultivate a healing environment to renew and rejuvenate. Focusing on the therapeutic and anti-ageing benefits of fasting, antioxidant intake, hydration, meditation and lifestyle changes.

Broths and green smoothies will be taken at mealtimes with unlimited teas and water. This will activate the benefits of fasting, boosting health and weight loss, cleaning out old cells (autophagy), resting internal organs and giving your body and mind time to just be.

This retreat will rejuvenate you both inside and out and give you the tools to live healthier, younger, longer!

You may also be interested in the longevity workshop or one to one health coaching to create a long-term lifestyle plan that incorporates fasting, balanced nutrition, antioxidant intake and lifestyle factors for slower ageing and rejuvenation.

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