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Matcha green vegan smoothie with chia seeds and mint in glass in hands of female wearing white sweater, square crop. Clean eating, detox, alkaline diet, weight loss food concept

What do you need to live well?

Join one of the ‘super health’ workshops or weight loss programmes.

Spring workshops focus on gut health, nutrition-based hormone balancing, intermittent fasting and activating cellular fat loss. The weight loss programmes specifically tackle stubborn weight loss issues with sustainable lifestyle changes.

Diet and weight loss for healthy intermittent fasting lunchtime . Alarm clock and plate with cutlery on concrete background. Diet and Healthy Concept

Living younger, healthier, longer

Current science is discovering a very interesting path to this becoming a real possibility for everyone. The health benefits of fasting, balanced nutrition, antioxidant intake and lifestyle factors are showing slower ageing, prevention of diseases and rejuvenation from cell to skin and everything in between!

Take a deep dive into the science of longevity with me at the workshop, one to one coaching and the rejuvenating seasonal retreats.

Lazy morning on terrace. Flat-lay of womans legs in cosy linen pants, plant, cat and cup of coffee in hand over colorful moroccan tile floor, top view

Happiness and how to cultivate it

Health, nutrition and lifestyle impact moment by moment and general mood. Gut health, ‘brain food’, exercise, sleep, hormones, personal connections, spiritual sense of purpose and job satisfaction are primary factors in mental health. Spring/Summer courses and events will focus on how to put everything together to cultivate a lifestyle that will uplift and enlighten.

A Gateway to Whole Health

Love Vitality is a gateway to a truly holistic lifestyle. We provide workshops, programmes, retreats and events guided by the ethos and aspiration to live well, live long and live happy.